How To Become A Millionaire In 3 Years By Selling Online.

Author: Will Toh Kwang Hwee        Posted: 2014-01-07

How To Become A Millionaire in 3 years by selling Online.

Times have changed and so has technology. In fact, technology is changing at such a rapid pace that it is now very possible to become rich in a short period of time by using it to your best advantage. The Internet, for example, is an ever-changing tool that can enable you to expand your business rapidly. With a small investment and a little hard work you have the perfect vehicle to reach people all over the world, that you previously had little chance of finding.

So let's look at some of the doors that the Internet can open for your business and ultimately for your success:

1. Leverage. The internet gives you leverage over traditional brick and mortar stores, because you have a virtual shop that is open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Your Internet business is not only open all of the time; it is available to anyone globally, which is very exciting.

2. Manpower. In a traditional 'shop' if you needed more people working for your business you would need to pay their wages day in and day out and be responsible for them. The Internet has made way for affiliate marketers or skilled people who are happy to market your products for you and share in some of the profit that your business makes as a result of their sales.

3. Automation. The Internet has also given us the opportunity to automate daily chores making the running of your Internet business easier. Instead of answering inquiries one by one, you can be doing this while you are sleeping with next to no effort on your part. Not only is automation convenient, it gives you more time to concentrate on the more important aspects of your business, such as making it turn over a profit.

How To Use The Internet to Your Advantage

Technology sounds great, but how do you use the internet to make your own online store? You will need to start off by finding yourself a product to sell. Remember that a product can be anything at all, including information. When you are choosing your product, take special care because what you choose will have a huge bearing on how well your business does. Look for easy to market products that will sell themselves.

Once you have your product, use the Internet as a vehicle to market your business. This will require you to have a professional easy to navigate website, including compelling sales copy to warm up your visitors and put them into a buying mode.

When you have a great website designed to sell your products, and have your visitors wanting more, you then will need to drive traffic to your site. Without traffic or visitors your business cannot succeed and this is where a lot of your hard work and determination will pay off.

The aim is to find targeted traffic or interested people who are looking for a solution to their problems whether it is a gift they are looking to buy or even a business venture they are looking to join. If you are offering what they are looking for they will visit your site and buy.

Traffic can be generated in many ways and each way that you use will require time, effort and experimentation on your part. Nobody ever gets it right the first time, so don't give up if you don't succeed the first time be patient and you will get the results.

With the flow of traffic that you are enjoying, you will need an automatic follow up system to instantly follow up leads that are generated from your website. The great thing about an automatic follow up system is that you no longer have to sit around waiting for interested visitors to request more information from you. Instead, they can request information any time of the day or night and your follow up system will take care of them instantly for you.

Last, but by no means least, you need to keep improving on your business, monitor the things that work and those that don't. If something isn't working, figure out why, change it or get rid of it all together. By monitoring your business and changing it to suit your visitors, it will grow stronger and better over time.

Technology has a lot to offer, including giving you the opportunity to outsource your projects. Many people feel daunted by the thought of trying to design a website specific to their needs or lack the coding knowledge to make their own websites. This is no longer a problem since website design, automatic follow up systems and transactions can all be done professionally at a very cost effective price. You pay them once for the job and then you are set to start making your business a success.


It is possible to become a millionaire by simply following three important steps. Focus on what you want to achieve. Take massive action, don't just talk about it, and keep revising your strategy to make it better. And remember the three 'Ps" of success "Preparation, Perseverance and Passion!"

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