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Author: Jack Penniston        Posted: 2014-01-07

Entrepreneur and Internet Marketing Coach Jack Penniston just returned home from a Wealth Building Conference in Las Vegas. Jack witnessed first hand the ideas and strategies for internet marketing that would definitely help Successful Entrepreneurs or those who are struggling with their Online Home Based Business.

As an Ex Franchisee with over 10 Locations and millions of sales under his belt and hundreds of Staff and previous Corporate Sales Manager experience Jack is providing his years of experience, knowledge,assistance and support to individuals wanting to start or build a home based business. Being a member of this forward looking company and Founding member of Pro University, Jack has been mentored by 7 figured Earners and wishes to share some of his experiences with Like Minded individuals.

The Internet is Only 15 Years Old!!!! This is not only a Ground floor Opportunity it,s Sub Basement!!!

In Today,s New Economy Businesses cannot grow or survive without Marketing. If businesses are stuck in the old school approach they will be left behind. Jack remembers the strict Guidelines as a Franchisee and the Stress of Corporate America all to well. Being well entrenched in the ever increasing Baby Boomers explosion he has learned how to earn money online as part of a community of like minded individuals who have a Entrepreneurial spirit. Jack has learned to market anything, to anyone anywhere in the World through personal branding and learning from the pros.

The book "Start with Why" written buy Simon Sinot really hit home with me. After hearing this in person Jack states that this was a life changing experience and game changer for him.It is essential reading for anyone wanting to start a business or is stuck in a rut not knowing how to get out. This book will light a fire inside you and will be crucial for your success.

A best Selling Author David Bach was the Second Speaker at the conference and he shared some of his Secrets from his best selling book "The Automatic Millionaire". When David Bach showed how the average person can retire a millionaire even if they have an average income this blew me away.The New Alliance with Carbon Copy Pro will create many Automatic Millionaires through there courses and Marketing program which will be shown to you on the link below.


Jack Penniston

Jack Penniston is an Ex Franchise Owner and Entrepreneur.Jack also worked in Corporate America in Sales and Management for 14 years before he initially bought his first business in 1996.A new and used CD Music Franchise he opened three stores did very well actually had the #1 store on North America out 350 stores and was flying High and then came the Internet and people started burning Cd,s and downloading music off the internet.Sales dropped 30-40% and he closed one store and sold the other two just in time.

He then bought the Exclusive rights for Ten Quick Service Restaurants in 2001.He opened Seven stores only to have three make money and two Broke even enough to pay down the debt and two lost money big time! He had Ten year leases on some of these locations and close to one hundred staff so the Stress and Pressure was very High.Staff was Jacks his Biggest Headache most of the employees were teenagers and he puts it this way "when you pay Peanuts you get Monkees" and he had lots of them in the restaurant business because that,s all you can afford to pay is minimum wage.He operated the Restaurants for eight years before closing one store and selling the other five to Single operators who basically bought themselves a job.

Jack has a wealth of Knowledge and experience and has always been on the cutting edge of New and exciting business opportunity,s and sees Massive Potential in this business not only for himself but for countless others.

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