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Author: John Reynolds        Posted: 2014-01-07

How do you become a millionaire? Step one is to alleviate all of those poor people ideas, think & act like you are wealthy already. The belief behind these thoughts is a presumption that if you were to take 100 people of all mixed backgrounds and education levels, then hand them an exact outline. A step by step method to earn a million dollars or more, only about 3% would accomplish the task. Why is that? You may ask, people were not taught to think with a million dollar mindset. Most people were told finish high school, then go to a university and maybe then you will get a good job. The key component to the story was the thousands of dollars in student loans, and then the likelihood of finding a really good job is all pot luck. What you must thoroughly comprehend is that people are creatures of habit, we follow along and conform to what everyone else is doing.

Here are a few of the reasons I believe this happens:

1.) We were never taught that you could be a millionaire, that you could be successful. So regardless of having a blueprint to achieve something, many people simply conform to what the majority are doing. Many choose a path less difficult.

2.) You would think that your parents, siblings, friends & mentors would encourage you, however in most cases they are the ones who suggest you quit your foolish quest. They for whatever reason rather see you bomb. Now it's not a malicious attack on your quest for greatness, however the haters and nay-sayers will force you to give up. "Why even try", "You're wasting your time", "It didn't work for me so it won't work for you", "It's a scam" and the list goes on and on. Some people will be encouraging, but with limitations. Saying that you are supportive and truly being supportive of anothers dreams and aspirations is completely different.

3.) Building a business takes time, and building a million dollar business doesn't come overnight. So in essence what happens is people give up. Instead of standing strong and weathering the storm, many people simple give up too soon. Being patient and accepting that just because your horse wasn't out of the gate first, doesn't mean that you can't win the race. Plain and simple empires aren't built in a day. Running a business and more specifically a network marketing business is no lottery ticket to Donald Trump status.

What steps do you take if you want to be a millionaire? This is a concept of something that plagues most people, and most don't even know it. We all have the capacity to do and achieve great things. However remaining focused and keeping your eyes on the big prize is completely a different matter. Having a will power and determination to never give up ever is key. If you put aside all frivolous activities which do no more than eat up your time, as opposed to concentrating on activities that will create wealth. Here is a saying/message that I'd like to convey:

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight; it's the size of the fight in the dog!"

There clearly are no guarantees in life, however the millionaire mindset is real and this I promise you, you have the power. But what I can guarantee, that if your existence is on a descending spiral, conforming to the masses like ants, nothing will ever change! Invision yourself as a millionaire right now, what would change about you? Other than material things. Everything! Your walk, your talk, charisma, style, millionaires aren't sheep, and they're herders. Understanding that you and every person you know has the capacity to be more than they are. Change is only a decision that you can make regardless of what everyone else does.

Being able to persevere and overcome all obstacles is the determining factor between being on the winning team (7-Figure Income Earner) and losing team (Broke Millionaire). Fear of failure should never be an option, it's not like you only have one chance to get it right. I can help you avoid the Broke Millionaire Complex and put you on the fast track to achieving wealth. Clicking on the link is the first step, following up with action is the next

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