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Author: Stefan Holm        Posted: 2014-01-07

Do you want to become a millionaire? It is possible, as long as you expect it to happen. What distinguishes millionaires from others, is that deep inside they know they will succeed.

Throughout the years, I have pondered on what separates millionaires from others. Not much separates the two. They are people like everyone else, they eat, sleep, are married and divorced. They come from both genders, different religions and races. The outer aspects do not seem to decide whether they are millionaires.

If it is not external, it must be internal. It could be that they come up with new ideas, are stress resistant, or that they have good self-esteem. All of these characteristics are of paramount importance, but it is another thing that makes millionaires succeed. They expect to have success with what they involve themselves in. They may not always know that they will become millionaires, but they know they will achieve their goals.

The other day my wife said to me, now that fall is here, many people expect to catch a cold. Later in the winter, several will expect to get the flu. Fifteen years ago, I expected myself to both catch a cold and get the flu every year, and I did. Talk about the power of expectations.

If the expectation is so strong it also means that your expectation steer your finances, health and relationships. When the children were in daycare the expectation was so great among employees that the children would catch a cold, I was questioned as to whether I had healthy children. Expectations do not only lie among individuals, but even are prevalent as group pressure.

I saw an interview with an very successful businessman and he was speaking freely about his views on entrepreneurs. What he said, is that we have so many entrepreneurs who put out everything but they do not get anything back, but instead face resistance from the authorities and envy from those within society. Many entrepreneurs expect success and need to create inventions and companies that operate in our societies. Ford, General Motors and other successful corporations have all been created by entrepreneurs who expected to succeed. In order for them to do this, society must support them and let them become millionaires, which drives them further ahead with even more entrepreneurship endeavors.
The expectation is created by will and no will is created without success. That is why dictatorships such as the Soviet Union, with the subjugated people, had no chance in the long run.

My question to you is this. What do you expect the results will be within the next year with:

1. Finances
2. Health
3. Relationships

What do you expect in five years in the same areas? Most expect nothing at all and instead let chance steer them. I often hear about bad luck, where there was almost success, etc. It is your internal expectation that govern you, and no shallow wishful thinking. Thus, it is not enough to wish for anything as the power is in your internal beliefs. What you expect will become your future!

Good Luck with your expectations!

Hans Thorn, The Success Coach, has developed his coaching skills through personal development the last 20 years.

Hans has helped thousands of clients with success in areas like economy, health and relationships.

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